Oct 26 2020

Título: Adware Zap Browser Cleaner 2.8.3
Desarrollador: Voros Innovation
Compatibilidad: OS X 10.10 o posterior, procesador de 64 bits
Idioma: Multilangual
Incluye: K’ed de TNT
Tamaño: 21,35 MB

Adware Zap & Privacy Cleaner restores your browser back to its full health by removing unwanted extensions, cookies, caches and resetting your browser preferences. Adware Zap is your choice if:

Browser displays constant pop-up advertisements about dubious products and scams even from respected websites
Your browser is being hijacked and redirected to dubious websites
Your browser is slow and often freezes
You want to protect your privacy by removing sensitive files that were created during your browsing session

Privacy Cleaner function:

remove sensitive files from selected internet browsers such as history, download list, cookies and stored databases.
customise what to remove in the App Settings.
option to run automatic clean up when the browser quits.

To fully restore your browser, all cookies, extensions and caches will be removed. By default, browser bookmarks and internet history are not removed, but in the App Settings you can customise what to remove.
To continue to use extensions you previously installed and want to keep, you will need to reinstall them.

Extensions often add useful features to browsers, but there are also many malicious extensions that can display pop-up advertisements, inject banner ads to every website you visit and collect your personal data. These extensions are often installed without the user’s consent by software that was downloaded from the internet.

If new adware is not detected, please contact us directly for one-on-one support and with your help we can update our database to help you and others.

What’s New:
Version 2.8.3

Bug fixes and performance improvements



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