Nov 29 2020

Information about the program:
Year of issue: 2020
Platform: Windows® 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 SP1
Interface language: Russian / English
Medicine: Activator
File Size: 9882.06 MB | 890.43 MB

Descripción del Programa

PROMT Professional 21 is a business solution with maximum capabilities for translation management. PROMT Professional is able to quickly and efficiently translate a document, text from an Internet site or a message, as well as create and combine corporate databases of translated texts, which is very convenient when working with standard documents such as, for example, contracts or instructions.

PROMT Expert 21 – a corporate PROMT solution created especially for a translation agency or a translation department of a company.

PROMT Professional Translator is designed for professional translation of documents of various formats, web pages, search queries, e-mail, and also provides a number of additional features, such as extracting terminology from texts or batch file translation.

Key features of the translator:
embedding and using translation functions in the following applications: Microsoft Office XP-2013 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, FrontPage and Outlook), Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Writer;
professional translation of documents of various formats (Microsoft Word, RTF, HTML, TXT, PDF) in a specialized translator application with the ability to customize the translation, and
also editing and spelling the source text and translation;
batch translation of documents (Microsoft Word, Excel 2007-2013, PowerPoint 2007-2013, RTF, TXT, PDF, HTML, SGML, XML, XLIFF);
translation of texts in any Windows application supporting operations with the clipboard using a combination of “hot keys”;
an electronic dictionary containing the entire vocabulary base of specialized dictionaries of the PROMT company;
improving the quality of translation with the help of the translator’s linguistic settings;
creation and editing of Translation Memory bases;
creating and editing translation profiles;
installation of additional specialized dictionaries;
creation and editing of user dictionaries;
creating and editing rules for translating XML files;
backing up the linguistic data of the PROMT translator;
extracting terminology from texts;
synchronization of linguistic data between the desktop version of the translator and the PROMT Translation Server.

Promt Professional includes the following applications and modules:
PROMT Translator is a professional translator software with a wide range of linguistic settings.
PROMT Agent is an application for fast translation of text in any Windows application that supports clipboard operations.
Dictionary Editor is an application for creating and editing custom dictionaries.
Electronic dictionary PROMT “is an application that allows you to get numerous translations from various specialized dictionaries of the PROMT company and grammatical information for each selected word.
Plugin Manager is a tool for embedding translation functions into external applications.
PROMT for Microsoft Office is a translation module for Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, FrontPage, Outlook).
PROMT for OpenOffice is a text translation module in the Writer editor.
PROMT for Internet ExploreD is a module for translating web pages in the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.
PROMT for Mozilla Firefox is a module for translating web pages in the Mozilla Firefox browser.
Batch File Translator is an application for batch file translation.
Translation Memory Database Manager is a tool for creating and editing Translation Memory databases.
Terminology Manager Lite – A tool for automating the extraction and management of terminology.
XML Rule Editor – Editor for translation rules for SGML and XML documents.
Backup is a means of backing up and restoring user data and PROMT translator settings.
Dictionary Installer is an application for installing translation profiles and specialized dictionaries.
Data Synchronization with PTS is an application for synchronizing linguistic data between PROMT local translator and PROMT Translation Server.

Translation directions:

Key advantages of Promt Expert:
Effective work with dictionaries and glossaries
Possibility to use thematic PROMT dictionaries and create your own dictionaries.
Creation of dictionaries in manual and automatic modes.
Automatic import of glossaries.
Adding complex grammatical information to improve the quality of machine translation and reduce the amount of post-editing.
Comparison of dictionaries for different projects according to different parameters.
Editing dictionaries.
Printout of dictionary content in the form of Excel / Doc / Txt / Xml-documents.
Search and sort by dictionary.
Working with Translation Memory databases
Ability to customize and connect dictionaries and Translation Memory databases of any manufacturer.
Import of parallel texts into the Translation Memory database and converting it to the TMX format.
Fast filling of Translation Memory databases of various manufacturers (SDL Trados, DejaVu, WordFast, etc.).
Support for modern standards for the exchange of linguistic data (TMX Level 1, TMX Level 2, TBX, TMW, XLIFF, OLIF).
The accumulation of information and knowledge helps in working with regular customers, guarantees quality and gradually increases the speed of work, facilitates the inclusion of new specialists in the process.
Adherence to accepted terminology and document style
The terminology used in the customer’s company automatically becomes a priority in the dictionaries. All translators working on a project are guaranteed to use the same terminology approved by the customer.
Fast translation settings ensure that the general stylistic rules adopted in the company or for a specific project are followed.
Automatic detection of the subject of the text (with the possibility of additional customization by keywords).
As a result, the translation process is accelerated.

Key features of Promt Expert:
a single word, sentence, whole document,
groups of documents
documents in Microsoft Office 2000-2013 applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint),
mail in Microsoft Outlook 2000-2013,
Internet pages,
translation of selected text in any program or application under Windows,
PDF documents,
XML documents.
Working with dictionaries
connection of ready-made specialized dictionaries.
creating your own dictionaries,
comparison and merging of dictionaries,
Working with terminology
Automatic extraction of frequency terminology from documentation.
Creation of PROMT dictionaries in manual and automatic mode.
Other applications
dedicated applications “PROMT for TM” and “Converter TM-bases” for creating, importing and configuring Translation Memory bases of different manufacturers,
QA Lab app for estimating the amount of post-editing.
PROMT Translator application
The application is intended for deep customization of the translator for the subject area and the type of translated documents.
Dictionary editor
The application is designed to create dictionaries in the PROMT format in manual and automatic modes and then work with them: add and edit translations and grammatical information, for printing texts, etc.
The developers recommend PROMT Expert:

to support projects for the translation of technical documentation, contracts and other standard documents;
to work with corporate databases Translation Memory (TM), dictionaries and glossaries;
for regular translations of texts of a similar subject with high quality;
for effective work with terminology (automatic extraction of terms from the text and the use of previously created dictionaries and glossaries);
to improve the efficiency of the translation process within a bureau or translation department.
OS: Microsoft Windows 10; Microsoft Windows 8.x; Microsoft Windows 7

Package contents:
“Business” (English-Russian, Russian-English, German-Russian, Russian-German, French-Russian, Russian-French, Spanish-Russian, Russian-Spanish, Italian-Russian)
Accounting and cost accounting
Stock and warehouse
Personnel Management
Financial and credit

“Industry” (English-Russian, Russian-English, German-Russian)
Food industry
Textile industry

“Science” (English-Russian, Russian-English, German-Russian, Russian-German, French-Russian, Russian-French)
Natural science
Measuring instruments
Medicine and pharmaceuticals
Signal physics
Physics of electricity

“Technics” (English-Russian, Russian-English, German-Russian, Italian-Russian)
Water transport
Power generators
Mining equipment
Motors and drives
Calibration and testing
Mounts and fittings
Metallurgical equipment
Land transport
Power supply

“IT” (English-Russian, Russian-English, German-Russian, Spanish-Russian)
CAT technology
Business to IT
Mathematics for IT
Software development
Physics for IT
“All dictionaries” (English-Russian, Russian-English, German-Russian, Russian-German, French-Russian, Russian-French, Spanish-Russian, Russian-Spanish, Italian-Russian)
Combines the collections Business, Industry, Science, Technology and IT.



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